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The Client:
Sun MicrosystemsSun logo

The Challenge:
At Sun Microsystems, employees who were involved in the purchasing, materials, and supplier management process needed a common language and processes to communicate, select, and manage Sun's suppliers. Sun wanted to develop positive relationships with suppliers who were willing to accommodate Sun's needs, be competitive in cost and technology, and emphasize quality. Employees who would take this course were in every organization within Sun worldwide. They included Purchasing Managers, Supplier Engineers, Buyers/Planners, and non-Purchasing employees. A major challenge for The Training Alliance was to teach Sun's extensive policies and procedures, especially its Scorecard tool.
The Solution:
First, The Training Alliance designed a Supplier Management Process roadmap for the course. This became the framework or structure that enabled the learners to visualize where they were in the process at any time during the course and on the job. The course modules adhered to the roadmap so that there was a smooth flow and transition from module to module. Finally, we developed practice exercises for every module so that the audience used the information, documentation, and tools they were being given. Typically these exercises replicated what employees would do on the job.
The Results:
The three-day course was so successful that Sun also offered it to its major suppliers. This course cost Sun $80,000 in 1992. A subject matter expert who worked on the project told The Training Alliance that a big league consulting firm had developed a similar course for one of Sun's competitors for $1,000,000. He felt that our course was much more effective. In 2001, nine years after it was developed, Sun was updating the course for continued use as the company was moving to e-Procurement. Talk about ROI!

Want To See More?

If you're Interested in Course Roadmaps, check out this one designed by The Training Alliance for another course at Sun.

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