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Articles of Interest
At The Training Alliance, we love to "talk training." We do that by working with our clients but also by expressing ourselves in articles that address specific training problems and opportunities.

Surviving the J.I.T. Custom Training Project
The Training Alliance specializes in just-in-time (J.I.T.) training projects. Read about the pitfalls of J.I.T. projects and how to counteract these problems in the article "Surviving the J.I.T. Custom Training Project" by Sonja Sakovich.

Going Global: Designing Training for Multicultural Learners
Globalization has brought with it many challenges for training professionals. This popular series presents some key findings to consider when designing and delivering training used by audiences all over the world.

Instructional Design Workshops
Sometimes you'll want to train your people on how to develop their own learning. The Training Alliance offers a number of "instructional design" workshops that help people learn the complexities of the training trade and get them on their way to creating their own learning solutions. We've provided the most recent list of available workshops below. Please contact us for more detailed information on scheduling and cost. We're always happy to help!

Current Workshops:
  • Course Development for Technical Experts
  • A Crash Course on Developing Objective Tests
  • Measuring Learning: Beyond the Paper and Pencil Test
  • Legally Defensible Certification Testing
  • Going Global: Designing Training for Multicultural Learners
  • Best Practices for Developing Classroom Instruction